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Think Savvy, Revise Smart is the ‘go to guide’ for anyone who is preparing for exams or the people who support them.


By learning how their brains work, students will be well placed to confidently apply the practical strategies contained in this book.


With a specific focus on revising for exams, students will learn how to:

* Use smart study habits to learn more, in less time;

* Use strategic revision to target their efforts; and

* Use savvy exam tips to maximise their marks.


The book is designed to empower students to learn well and perform at their best. It is also an invaluable resource for parents, providing them with the necessary knowledge and skills to confidently assist their children in their learning. Teachers, too, will find this book an excellent reference to help support their students during the challenging months ahead.


With its easy-to-read writing style and engaging ideas, this book is perfect for all students –

from those who are struggling with the demands of high school learning, to those who are looking at squeezing a little more out of their performance.


If you or a loved one is studying, then this is one book you need on your bookshelf!

Think Savvy, Revise Smart