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Everyone says, "don't care!" And we say, "yeah!" But, for most of us, it's near impossible not to care. Why? It's hard-wired into our brain. It cuts to our deepest fears. It's not enough to simply say not to care, or to 'just be ourselves' because we know that we do care, and many of us are terrified of the repercussions of 'just being ourselves' in business. The truth? Trying to avoid these parts of ourselves limits our success. This book explores the neuroscience and psychology of what makes us likeable and unlikeable as leaders. It will change how you see yourself, and others. It explores some of the most successful leaders to walk the planet (both male and female) who have overcome their 'unlikeability' and turned it into their success. It answers burning questions we all have about how the world sees us, and we see them. If you've ever been called unlikeable, told you need to change part of who you inherently are or struggled to find your place in the world, this book is for you

The Unlikeables