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Ever since Joe Morris died, Lucy wakes up at sunrise, cocooned in guilt and barely existing.

Two years on, and frustrated by Lucy’s hum-drum existence, best friend Em drags her out on a birthday celebration, catapulting Lucy back into a lifestyle she’d long since left behind.

A series of one-night-stands brings Lucy much-needed escape, but it all comes crashing down when the past comes back to haunt her.

Lucy’s head is a mess, and she knows she needs help, but just as she's starting to make some headway, Em convinces her a holiday to the party island of Ibiza is all the respite she needs. Falling back into her former party-girl ways, Lucy soon realises that Em is right. But is Ibiza just a smokescreen?

Fuelled by a passionate encounter, and seduced by the island’s hedonistic pull, Lucy makes the bold decision to return. But when her carefully constructed boundaries become blurred, old habits resurface and she plots her escape.

But Lucy’s past is about to bite again, only this time, there’s nowhere to hide.

Can she face her demons and figure out what she wants,

or will Lucy forever be

the sunrise girl?

The Sunrise Girl