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Launching November 2018

Tales of Tinderella, a single girl, is the core of the experiences relayed in this book. She tells of experiences from the multitude of women that find themselves in this situation. Simone and I want you to put yourself into these stories and tell us on our Facebook Page – Tales of Tinderella, which experience resonated with you? This book was written to help you through the rough times of failed relationships, one-night stands and horrid ordeals. It was written to let you know that you are not alone. And as a Sisterhood, we are all travelling on our own individual paths to self-discovery and misguided decisions. People will cope with relationship breakdowns differently and this is Tinderella’s story. It is based on true stories, with some interesting embellishments. Do not take her journey to heart, or believe that every story is an actual event by the authors. But do enjoy her road of discovery and learn from her victories, and losses. Read the advice by our relationship expert Simone, and absorb what is relevant to you and your own personal story. Tinderella is a sensitive woman with love in her heart and she is trying to find love and we follow her search for her soul mate to complete her future. And hopefully, within her story, it will encourage you to find the courage inside of yourself to find your one True Love…. So the big question is, will Tinderella be able to find this true feeling of love with the right guy, at the right time and when she needs it the most? As her friends, we hope so…. All names have been changed to protect the innocent… and the guilty… Now sit back and have a read…enjoy a cup of tea, a glass of wine or just pass the time, but one thing I believe is that there is a little piece of Tinderella in every girl or woman we all know, no matter where you live….

Tales of Tinderella