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Being a mother in general is hard, being a young single mother is even harder. The ultimate struggle of dealing with heartbreak and motherhood at the same time can feel immensely overwhelming. Your self worth, self-esteem and self-love are at an all time low. Weekly melt-downs, temper tantrums, isolation and anxiety don't seem out of the ordinary.  Often, we find ourselves existing rather than actually living. Society's high expectations and stigma around young single mothers creates a unhealthy pressure for this generation. Nobody is perfect, yet you are expected to live up to unrealistic measures to impress people you don't even like!   

Young, Single and More than a Mum is written to provide inspiration and hope to those mums who need guidance on how to find themselves again after experiencing an emotional roller coaster of mumlife. When you hit rock bottom, the only thing you yearn for is for somebody to tell you what to do. This book is not a 'follow the steps and you'll be happy' manual, but it will inspire and motivate you to change behaviors and environments in your life to allow yourself to grow and overcome those emotional battles you have encountered.

Allow yourself to be enlightened and encouraged to create the life you want to be living. 

You are more than just a mum.

Single,Young and More than a Mum