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Ella Kate Reeves’s poetry is written in a rhythmic style and in a tone that is arresting. She has the creative gift of conjuring up powerful images that flood the minds of readers.  The writing is soulful, insightful, and measured. 
Here is an insightful line that captures 
what it means to be human: 
“Our humanity is our heart’s kindness and compassion.”

 The author has done a great job in offering some explanations to readers, helping them understand why some of the poems were composed.

Patchwork Majesty: From Trauma to Transcendence is the kind of poetry that will entertain readers yet will prompt them to ask existential questions that allow them to reflect on life, on pain and suffering, and the reason we are here. I enjoyed the simplicity of style, 
the confident writing and the words.
A work of unique artistry woven beautifully.

Patchwork Majesty