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This is where the story begins…

Johnny the Leprechaun has just been introduced to the world…. But is the world ready for Johnny and his shenanigans? 

He is a funny, mischievous and often quite naughty little Irish Leprechaun who never does what he’s told!

In book one of the collection, Johnny is running amuck at the Junior school and pokes fun at all of the teachers, making the children squeal with delight. But who can stop him and his crazy antics? Let’s see what poor Sergeant Baker, the local Policeman has to say about it all!  

Children adore Johnny because he is a loveable rascal determined to cause chaos wherever he goes. Let’s see if the teachers can catch up with Johnny this time… Or will Johnny the Leprechaun return for even more mischief next time?

Johnny the Leprechaun: Breaking school rules.

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