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Reviewed by Michelle Stanley for Readers' Favorite

Hosts of Erravilla by Reba A. Ritchie is not a book one easily takes a break from. Journalist April Falls gets the opportunity to stay with gorgeous actor Lucas Forrester at his home and write a book on him. She discovers a box of antique rings in the attic with the engraving “Till death do us part,” and she and Lucas’s older brother, Emerus, playfully try them on. Now the rings won’t come off, and an old journal containing information about the unusual jewelry is missing. This frustrates them as the rings eerily change colours according to their moods. The attraction between April and Lucas deepens, but events from April’s past make her reluctant to commit, and jealous persons will try anything to keep the couple apart. 

Reba A. Ritchie captivated me with her creativity in this beautifully written story. The mystery surrounding the rings was as fascinating and emotional as the plot with April and the other characters. This part

Hosts of Erravilla