Jürgen Schmechel

Business Strategist - Time Saver - Speaker

About Jürgen

Jürgen is keen observer of human psychology, and a master in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Ericksonian Hypnosis and a certified Results Coach. He love numbers and is known for my strong logical, analytical and numerical abilities. For years he has used these skills to serve exceptionaly good workflow models in business, but now, has discovered how his skills can be used to create the foundations of long, loving relationships..

The older he gets, the more he sees relationships fall into chaos and turmoil. Separation, frustration, divorce and trauma are prevalent in many relationships, no doubt you’ve been witness or subject to the impact of relationships that need work.

What if the analytical methods  he uses in business can be utilised in the relationship setting? Could the workflows and methodologies he havs mastered become a message of hope for those struggling to create the happy, healthy relationship they crave and deserve?

He believes he has found the solution to help couples from all over the world reboot their relationships, change their mindsets and potentially save their families and children the heartbreak of a broken marriage. Jürgen is firm believer in looking forward to the relationship you want, working hard to build long lasting connections and respectful, fulfilling and functional partnerships.

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