Yu Dan Shi

Author  - Career Coach - Entrepreneur

About Yu Dan

Yu Dan completed university at age 17 &  became a Chief Marketing Officer at age 30, She knows what success looks like in the traditional sense. Having held executive positions while raising a family, She understands the daily demands life throws at us. Her elder daughter is now at university.

However, in 2008, Yu Dan went through a very dark period of my life where she lost her passion and motivation for her career that ended up impacting her health, which almost cost her life.

She did not want to continue her marketing executive career but had no other skills to fall back on that would have provided her the same level of income. She was stuck.

Yu Dan was determined to find an answer without turning her life upside down or creating any disruption to my family.

She knew that my feeling of unhappiness was caused by a deep disconnection. She was afraid of letting her real self shine. She was scared that everything she had accumulated up to that point (family, career, money) would disappear.

But deep down, She knew she had something in her and she was here to do more than just cruise along.

Yu Dan began a search for an answer. Now she runs a thriving practice. She finally has the freedom to work in her own hours and get to spend time on the things that truly matter in life.

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